Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 best signs at the Charlotte protest march

None of these signs made the top-10 list, but check below for the ones that did.

These were my 10 favorite signs at the protest march in Charlotte Sunday that drew about 800 protesters. Some of these are serious and some weren’t. Most were held by protesters, but a couple of these I spotted in the crowd.

I’m making no comment here on whether I agree with the protesters' particular issue or not -- I just liked their signs. In no particular order:

1. I am generally displeased with our state of affairs
2. Quit Coal – Plug into the sun
3. Undocumented, unafraid
4. Save America’s Postal Service
5. Stop Killer Drones
6. Bankrupting America
7. What’s disgusting? Obama’s union busting
8. Make Out Not War
9. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees
10. I came for the police brutality


Ann Doss Helms said...

How could you leave out the guy with the boot on his head and signs that said "Teeth" and "Ponies"?

Anonymous said...

boo for the last one....police are doing their job working 12 hour shifts in the name of free speech...if you don't comply with the rules too bad......

Scott Fowler said...

Ann, I didn't quite understand what the "teeth" and "ponies" meant! I also liked "Resistance is Fertile." As for Anon 7:57, I think the police brutality one was meant as a joke -- the police that I saw were quite polite.... Scott Fowler

Anonymous said...

That is what I mean...police are not the bad is the ones who refuse to listen to the police that are the problem.....and yes I have a biased view...friends are police and I am a teacher....